Romy de Wit is an allround creative based in the Netherlands. Her whole

life she has had a great passion for styling and (film)photography, especially in the field of interior and lifestyle. She studied at Artemis Academy, a multidisciplinary study focused on concept developing, trend watching and visualizing in the field of fashion, interior, media and food. 

She is a sucker for stunning visuals and creating them herself. Thoughtful design, attention to detail and sustainable consciousness are elements she values. She gets inspired by everything around her, especially traveling and different cultures. Also daily life is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her.


In the fast paced world we live in, romy seeks for the more slow aspects of daily life. That could be drinking a cup of coffee while reading the daily newspaper not noticing a clock or phone. Having real talks with real people. Enjoying sunset on a random afternoon. Or just styling some flowers for the coffeetable. Moments that often slip in daily life but can be so rewarding.

Romy's work is inspired by sunlight, vintage design and the nostalgic vibes of 70s, resulting into visual soothing imagery with emphasis on her own signature. Think warm tones, earthy colour palettes and lots of natural light.

Romy graduated in June 2021 with her project The visual Poetry of Doing Nothing which contains a photoseries bound in a linen coffeetable book.  The concept aims to improve the perception of loafing and thus making it socially acceptable. Rather than associating it with laziness and carelessness, it should be thought of as a way to unwind. 

On her website you can have a look into her portfolio. She is always looking for new and exciting opportunities, so let's connect!

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